Flat-Rate IT & Cybersecurity

Are you paying for “blocks of time” that you don’t use one month, only to be billed for the additional time the next? Is cybersecurity an “add-on” instead of built-in? Check out everything that’s included with Pinnacle’s “Flat-Rate IT”. Transparent pricing based on devices and user counts, and no long-term contracts!

What’s included with our flat-rate care plans?

 Network OnlyFully Managed
Predictable Monthly Fee – No Surprise Bills!✔️✔️
Contract TermMonth-to-MonthMonth-to-Month
Tech Support for covered devices (7:30am-5:00pm M-F, emergencies outside of those hours)Unlimited Email & PhoneUnlimited Email & Phone
On site visits when necessary (local customers)✔️✔️
VPN Firewall Router Included✔️✔️
Wired and wireless (including Guest Wi-Fi) network management✔️✔️
Daily scanning of your external firewall for open ports (potential vulnerabilities)✔️✔️
Proactive monitoring of Internet connection(s), including troubleshooting and contacting provider✔️✔️
Failover Internet service configuration and monitoring✔️✔️
Seamless connectivity of multiple locations✔️✔️
Management of contracts for Internet, Phone, and TV services✔️✔️
Web Filtering✔️ LAN Only✔️ LAN & Roaming Laptops
User Management ✔️
Desktop/Laptop Management ✔️
Server Management ✔️
Mobile Device Management ✔️
Email Service Management (Office 365 or Google Apps, service charged separately) ✔️
Server Backups – Local ✔️
Server Backups – Cloud-based ✔️
Windows security updates automatically applied and verified ✔️
3rd party security updates automatically applied and verified (Java, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Chrome, etc.) ✔️
Virus/malware/ransomware protection and remediation ✔️
Remote monitoring of all of your equipment to make sure it is running properly ✔️
Secure remote access to your computers for you and your employees (as desired) ✔️
“Least privilege” security policies ✔️
PCI/HIPAA/FINRA compliance policies ✔️
Asset Management / Budgeting worksheets ✔️
efaxing ✔️
Domain Name/DNS Management & Monitoring ✔️
WordPress website hosting, security updates & monitoring ✔️
Unlimited Voice over IP telephone service (charged per “line” instead of per device)Optional Add-OnOptional Add-On
“Cloud” hosted servers available in our Fort Wayne Data CenterOptional Add-OnOptional Add-On